CharBQ Grill

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How can I buy the CharBQTM grill?
A: Go to our Product page and select purchace at the bottom.

Q: What do I need to know about my grill?
A: We patented a design that would allow adjustability in both directions, width and length.  One CharBQTM grill can accommodate grills as small as 10.5" x 14" to the dimensions of 22" x 28" and any distances in between.

Q: What if my grill is longer than 28"?
A: Simply purchase two CharBQTM grills and place them side by side.

Q: Is it really as easy as the video?
A: Yes, simply turn off your gas, remove the existing grill and burner cover(s), place the CharBQTM in the barbeque, add charcoal or briquettes, replace the existing grill and light it up!

Q: Is it also smoker?
A: Yes, adjust the CharBQTM to the smallest setting, place your woods inside the box, stat the burning and place the lid.  It is that easy!

Q: Do I use my existing burners to light the CharBQ/charcoals?
A: NO!  You light the charcoals the old fashion way, with matches.