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What's Happening

Here are some updates since the last time we updated the site.

Created a CharBQ cooking temperature guide, located on our FAQ download page.

Click to d/l the BBQ Central Show recorder 8/16/11 audio or go to the BBQ CS site and listen to this interview and more!

Another Discovery.  Sorry to say, another grill is incompatible with the CharBQ.  See our page at Incompatible BBQ Grills

Discovered! We have found that the Char-Broil RED Infrared Gas Grill series BBQ's and the CharBQ are not compatible. While the CharBQ can adjust to fit within this unit, we have found that the grills are to short to span the width of the Char-Broil BBQ without the use of the concave infrared device.

Updated the website: added news section, linked our YouTube channel and Facebook to the site. 

Created an apparel line with Zazzle and 50% of the profit will go to charity.

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