CharBQ Grill

About Us

Co-creators and longtime friends, John R. Ingrassia and Mikel M. Draghici, created many items during their friendship to the chagrin of their families! Draghici, a computer security executive, and Ingrassia, a Washington, DC corporate attorney, were inspired to develop an easy way to temporarily convert a gas grill into a charcoal grill.

Why we created the CharBQTM

The CharBQTM was created out of need.  Back in 2004 we created a pig roaster (see adjacent picture) that used charcoal for grilling.  On the roaster we also grilled, ribs, hot dogs and cheeseburgers.  We noticed that the ribs tasted better when cooked with charcoal.  Five years later, we created the CharBQTM an adjustable solution for all gas grills.  The CharBQTM is an inexpensive solution for turning an existing gas barbeque into a charcoal barbeque - temporarily!  The CharBQ allows all the convenience of a gas grill during the work week with the added benefit of slow roasting smoky flavorful foods for the weekend.



Pig Roaster - Inspiration


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